Lights sold seperately in choice of 4 colors. Also available with alternating blue-white or blue-red flashers For Emergence and Construction Zone Traffic Control:
No. TA1035-1, -2, -3
LED-Lighted Safety Batons
-1: 9" C-Cell Baton
-2: 12" C-Cell Baton
-3: 12" D-Cell Baton (Can also be used as a flashlight) (TA1035-1,TA1035-2 also available in blue)
No. TA1005 Safety Kit for Over-the-Road Truckers
Includes 3 DOT-compliance reflective triangles with 3 light-mounting clips, 3 LED warning lights (2 red, 1 amber), and compact, durable carry bag
For Pets:
No. TA1055 Lighted Pet Collar
No. TA1035-1-6 pack
Electronic flare kit for use with cones or hand signals. C-cell batteries
No. TA1010 Safety Kit for RV's, Pickups, Personal Cars
Includes 1 reflective triangle with light-mounting clip, 2 LED warning lights (1 red, 1 amber), and durable carry bag
For Bicycling and Personal Visibility
No. TA1040 Bycycling/Jogging Light
Bright LED light for personal safety use
Available in red,blue and amber
No. TA1025-3 Tri-Alert Police Safety Kit
Includes 2LED lights, 1 arrow light (red or amber),3 cone clips and a compact,
durable carry bag
For Emergency, Construction, and Maintenance Personnel:
No. TA1030 Safety Vest
In bright safety yellow with reflective stripes incorporating LED lighting
For Ambulance, Fire, Rescue, & Police Departments:
No. TA1020 Air Ambulance Landing Zone Light Kit
Includes 5 LED lights (red or amber) with 4 weight plates, 5 cone clips and carrying case
For Highway Departments, Construction Companies, & Fire Departments:
No. TA1025 Commercial Light Kit
Includes 6 LED lights (red or amber) with 6 cone clips and carrying case
No. TA1025 - without weight plates
No. TA1060 Sun Visor Mounting Strap
Provides mount for attaching lights to sun visor unmarked emergency vehicles
(light not included)

No. TA1015 Safety Kit for School Buses, Local Trucks
Mini-Kit includes 2 LED warning lights (1 red, 1 amber), 2 light-mounting clips, and carrying case

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